Saturday, January 27, 2007

So my very busy Saturday started at the ass-crack of dawn (7:45 to be exact). Lola was going to Camp! She was very excited, but a perfect lady on the trip there.

"Are we there yet???"

After I dropped her off, I went to assist Debby with class at Animal Friends. It was an hour long "Companion Dog Manners" class and afterward, I zipped over the the Western PA Humane Society to assist my friend Bob with his classes. He has three classes...Teen Intervention, Puppy & Advanced Puppy (all classes Lola has taken, some more than once).

After class, Scotty dropped Penny off at the shelter & we headed over to the Shaler Library to do Reading with Rover. It didn't go as well as I would have liked. Penny was pretty distracted by the other dogs & didn't want to lay down much. She did for 75% of the time & met a few really nice kids (one of which took a huge liking to her & gave her a zillion hugs). But she freaked out at one of the other volunteer's dogs (Mary Ann's Sam) and kinda scared a couple kids. Nice. I quickly smoothed things over by telling them that Sam scared her b/c he was so big and she didn't want him to hurt her. They all understood and one little boy told me how he yells at the bigger kids at school if they come around him at lunch time b/c they scare him (his Mother seemed a little taken back) and it was all good after that. One boy read Penny a story about Ears and told me she was much prettier than the other dogs there. We're gonna try to go another time & if she seems as stressed as this time, we won't go again. Sherman would be wonderful at this but I need to make it clear to the kids that they cannot hug or lay on him. I'm gonna talk to Joy about that.

Then Penny & I went home and rested till it was time to pick Lola up. I checked on Lola a few times & she was supervising. She's the white dot on top of the A frame...her favorite spot!

I picked Lola up, ordered a cheesesteak hoagie, watched Weird Science & went to bed. It was a long day!