Thursday, May 29, 2008

NOW where are you going????

You guys are NOT gonna believe this...

So first, Penny peed in M0m's room. While I was in there checking it out, I found this giant box on the floor.

When the big box comes out, it means someone is going on a trip. Booooooooo. So I started sniffing around trying to figure out where Mom was going. If you guys recall, last time she had the big box out...she went & hung out with The Brat Pack's Mom & didn't take us!

I found suntan lotion and bathing suits and flip I confronted Mom. And she told me her & Dad are going to MEXICO!!!

Oh no, don't you dare tell me you're gonna be hanging out with my Mexican Diva Girl, J. Lorenza!! I'm coming too...

But then she said that no, they were not going to see Lorenza...they were going to a place called Cancun. And there are no other dogs there. Doesn't sound like any fun if you ask me.

Wait...there's more. Auntie Kristen is coming to stay with us while they're gone...and by US I mean Sherman & Penny. Because apparently I'm kind of a handful. I look like a handful to you guys???? I think Auntie Kristen looks quite fond of me in this picture.

Well take this, Sherman & Penny! I get to go to my favorite place on Earth!!

Yayyyyy! I'm all set...Let's Go!!

We won't be around to visit anyone for a week or so...but we'll be back!!