Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I took today off of work & decided to start my new year out right. Yesterday didn't count. Scott & I watched a Marathon of Rescue Me (12 straight hours lounging on the couch being lazy with the pups).

I put away all of the Xmas decorations, cleaned the kitchen, did about 18 loads of laundry and then took Lola to the park. S&P went on a neighborhood jaunt w/ Scott.

I feel like I'm living my life with Penny over again w/ Lola. It's like someone up there is saying "Well, you did such a good job w/ Pen...only you can handle the little white one". It's the same time frame, the same issues, the same frustration & stress. Our hike was not fun...actually it sucked. It's all my fault & I know it & that makes me feel worse. She stressed the whole time & I should've listened to my gut & left the park as soon as we got there. But I didn't & wanted to kill her by the time we left. I'm pushing her past what she can handle & I need to step back & start from the beginning. We're making a lot of progress on our neighborhood walks but this was a whole new situation.