Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Penny & I had Advanced Basic class tonight. I was surprised so many people came because it was 2 degrees!! I HATE this cold!

I had cooked up a fresh batch of my special "Training Trail Mix" (liver, round steak, lowfat hotdogs, some premium kibble, Natural Balance food roll & some soft Simon & Huey PB treats) before we went and pulled some liver brownies and homemade peanut butter cookies out of the freezer. Off to class we went.

Penny's Heeling & Attention were stellar. We proofed some Stays and I'm happy to report her Stand Stay is improving. She is having some issues being examined (she likes Ruth & wiggles when she comes near her).

I realized tonight in class tonight that a lot of Penny's "problems" are my fault! Yes, I know...hard to believe. On the Figure Eights, I tend to drop my shoulder back causing Penny to lag. My hand signal on the Swing Finish is not very clear and is confusing her. Ruth took Penny to demo the Swing & of course, Penny did it perfectly for her. So I need to practice my form in the mirror and maybe have Scotty record us to see what I'm doing wrong.