Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Day 2 of Project LLW...

Penny loves this. She really does. We are, after all...working. I had to stop about 10 times on the walk & not at all on the 2nd half of the block. Right now, I'm using the clicker. When she pulls, I stop...she turns & when the leash is completely loose, I c/t. I also c/t when she is in a position I like (not right next to me but a couple feet in front w/ a completely loose leash). This walk takes us past the vet's office, which gives me an opportunity to practice Leave It w/ other dogs. She hasn't had one flip out in the past 3 times we've worked & we've seen 1/2 dozen dogs. That is major progress for her & I'm thrilled!

Lola's progress is not going so well. She is a brain dead adolescent right now. I called the Vet b/c her spay incision is starting to puff & she is really broken out. I thought it was almost like razor burn b/c they shave her before the surgery. I just wanted them to check it out & put my mind at ease (I'm a worrier!). On the walk down, she was a maniac. She just didn't get it...she pulls, I stop. She pulls, I stop. Took us almost 10 minutes to get 1/2 a block to the vets office. The office was packed. She was obnoxious...barking & whining & bucking at the end of the leash. I made her sit in my lap & settle and that helped. Turns out, she has skin infection. Dr. Moore indicated it was Pyoderma (huh??? I love doctors.), which is an infection caused by staph bacteria (I googled it). She's on antibiotics for a week & has to take benedryl 2x per day. The walk home was much, much better (train a tired dog! Duh!). I only had to stop once. We'll just keep at it.