Thursday, April 26, 2007

We miss Charlie (and CoCo too)!

So Charlie & CoCo move to Kansas City and left their blog behind! I would say we should all mail bomb their Mom, but I can't find her email addy! But in their honor...we present Love Thursday.

We love Boxer Butts!!!

Lola's nub is much more convenient than Penny's...especially at the V.E.T.s office. Penny's works like a trap door. Lola's is like a handle.

The voting for the Awesome Blog award for April is almost over. Sorry to say, we're second to last! Boo HOOooooooo Hoooo!!!! Sherman is in a pretty deep depression but I told him that the other blogs nominated are pretty darn great & we should be thankful to be included with such a stellar bunch. He's gonna recover, but I had to promise turkey necks for dinner tomorrow & a fresh batch of salmon cookies this weekend. Yes, his Mom is a sucker.