Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Penny & I had class with Ruth tonight. She was pretty distracted at the beginning and wasn't real interested in paying attention to me. But about 10 minutes into class, she found her focus. This class is awesome. We did a lot of heeling, stays and recalls. Ruth has a lot of great ideas for proofing stays & attention. Penny's SitStay is pretty reliable, but her DownStay could use some work. She's never tipped her hip & always downs in a sphynx position. Stands are crap, but the Stand Stay is surprisingly decent. We still struggle with that damn Swing Finish. I did way too much luring & exaggerated movement backward in the beginning and never really weaned off it.

I put on a big pot of chicken legs in the slowcooker right before we went to bed. BAAAAddd idea! By 3:00 am the smell of cooking chicken woke me up from a deep sleep. It also woke up Sherman who whined & cried for a good 2 hours b/c he wanted to eat chicken. Note to self...don't do that again.