Sunday, June 11, 2006

Oh, when they're good...they're really good.

Full moon, my ass. My dogs have truly been wonderful the last few days. I still walk S&P together and we've really been working on sits at intersections. C/T for me in my consistancy...which is a big fault of mine. I'm usually...sit every 5/10/15 intersections...whatever. But in the last week or so, I've been really good about stopping each & every time & they've (well, at least Penny) become automatic. Sherman often takes a little reminder, but not much.

So, we're walking down Jackman and at the second intersection, I stop, tell them to Sit & they do w/o issue. We wait for 5 or 6 cars to go by & I'm very impressed that neither dog breaks (it's been about a minute). I release them w/ "Let's Go" and they exhuberantly cross the street. A woman on the second floor balcony of the apartment across the street (that I didn't even see) starts applauding. "It's so very nice to see well behaved dogs", she says. I smile & say "yeah, sometimes"...but I'm so proud of my pups!

Then I'm walking Lola past the Vets office & we see an elderly gentleman & his elderly dog leaving. Lola turns on "Guard Dog" and Woofs! at the nice couple. I command "Leave It!" and she does ("What a smart dog you are!!). Then I tell her to Sit & Wait...and she actually does!! Yippee! This training thing really does pay off!