Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stinkin' up the house!

Excuse me...I hope you don't think it was *I*, Sherman Bubbadoodlefinklestein, that would be stinkin up the house.

No, Mom got this cool machine for Christmas...TWO YEARS AGO...and she's been afraid to try to make us treats because it would stink up the house too much.

Well, the good news for us is...she's busting out the stinky machine and making us some deeeelicious dehydrated liverables, chicken heartables, gizzardables...

plus she's gonna try some salmonables & chicken tenderables! So you all are going to have to stay tuned for the results this weekend. I think the house will smell much better than it does now (I'm not into flowery stink).

Till then, I will rest as to conserve my taste-testing energy.

And I have to do the middle name tag too. I will shorten my middle name, Bubbadoodlefinklestein to Bubba (which sounds tuffer anyway) so this post isn't a bazillion lines long.


Utterly starving ALL THE TIME!


Bashful (not really, I'm just running out of Bs)

Attached to my Mommy (don't make fun, Sweetest Sweet Pea in the Whole Sweet Pea Patch)