Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday night in Pittsburgh

It started out as a gorgeous Friday night in da 'burgh. So it was a bit on the warm side...I like it hot & muggy (typical Pittsburgh summer weather).

Lola was chasing her big blue tennis ball...

Sherman was digging up new cool spots to lay in...

Penny was chasing squirrels up the big Oak tree...

And the old folks rested when they got too hot.

(WARNING: Graphic pictures ahead. No joke.)

Scott & I were shooting the breeze on the patio, talking about work, enjoying a few end-of-the-week libations...

Penny & Lola were flying through the yard having a grand old time. Sherman was resting peacefully beside Scott. Penny flew onto the patio for cover and bumped Sherman at the same time Lola flung herself at Penny.

Sherman jumped up in a rage & went after Penny. Penny fought right back, with more force than Sherman could muster. Scott jumped up & tried to break it up (they were right behind him). I always do everything wrong in a fight (jump in & try to break it up by grabbing collars). I tried to get to Penny when she grabbed Sherman's head, locked on...and shook. Hard.

Back to my old habits, I reached for their collars. Scott had Penny & I tried to move Sherman out of the way, but then she broke his grasp & went after him again. I grabbed the loop on her martingale and lifted up. Her front feet were off the ground & she was still trying to get to Sherman. Penny is not a dog that will give up, ever. She never has been. She had a slight moment of clarity & looked at me dead on. I told her to get inside & marched her into the bathroom to check her out.

She had 2 big puncture wounds on her legs. She had bitten her tongue & blood was coming out of her mouth. I took her upstairs & cleaned her wounds and gave her ice cubes to lick. (I should mention that Lola was with Penny the whole time. She never tried to jump in to save her & never was part of the fight, but Penny is clearly her priority & Lola never left her side till bedtime.)

I went down to check on Sherman & asked Scott how he was. "He's suffered the worst of it, but he should be OK." I took him into the bathroom where the light was better to check him over. He had 2 puncture wounds, on either side of his mouth that were bleeding. He was licking at nothing & I thought he might be going into shock (I watch WAY too much Emergency Vet Interns!). He also had a dime sized hole, right between his eyes. I pushed the hair away & saw that it was very deep & you could see his skull. Hmmm. Is my Vet closed????

I am so lucky that my Vet is 1/2 a block from my house! They were open & know (and love) Sherman well. I told them what happened and they told me to bring him right back to be seen.

My little Bubba was so brave. They shaved the spot in between his eyes & both sides of his face. He didn't make a peep. They asked us to leave the exam room while they gave him a local anesthetic and stitched up his wound. We heard him squeal the whole time....broke my heart. But he suffered through like a champ & didn't complain about the pink stitches he received.

These are pics after his stitches! We're calling him Franken-Sherman (yes Tucker...we stole that from you!)

Don't show these pictures to Dot! Puh-lease??? She cannot see me like this!

And poor Penny's leg...she's not putting any weight on it and is taking antibiotics too.

She's very pissed at us & basically spent the night like this...ignoring her people. We did, after all...take Sherman to the Vet.

Oh, & let's not forget Scotty's wound breaking up the fight. Massive, huh?
1, 2, 3....Waaaaahhhhh!

Lola is just very confused & preferred the comfort of my lap.

If all of our blogging buddies could send us some positve thoughts, healing prayers and/or some optimstic outlooks...we'd really appreciate it!! We'll take all we can get here on Jackman Ave!