Monday, October 08, 2007

My Nicknames!

I have been tagged by my little buddy Mollie to tell you all about my nicknames. So here we go.

Sprout - This was my first nickname because I was wee little when I came home to live here.

Sproutie Sprout...Sproutie Sproutie Sprout Sprout...Widdle Sprout - all versions of the original

Boo or Boo Boo - Don't know why I'm called this. Maybe I'm the female Casanova?

Boobernut - This came P.S. (Pre Stanley). I think I knew I was a Goober all along

Lolita - Obvious

Lo Lo - kinda like J. Lo...another Diva

Woobie - Mom calls all of us her Woobies

Baby Gurl - I AM the baby

The Annoying White Dog - !!!GASP!!! What???? Sherman put this in here!

I'm gonna tag my new friends
Ralph and LacyLuLu. What are your nicknames???