Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday morning was dedicated to the dogs. Sherman & I took a wonderful 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. This is truly one of his favorite things to do in the world and the spring in his step when it's just he & I is undeniable.

Lola has officially begun her LLW training. I'm not one of those dog owners who requires their dog to heel the entire walk. I want them to sniff & enjoy the walk as much as I do. So far, Lola has done well on the Easy Walk, but she's started pulling on it as well. Enough is enough. Time to get to work. Didn't take long for her to figure it out...leash is tight, I stop. We're gonna do the same short block every day till that darn leash is loose the entire time. Then move on.

I decided to take Penny to the park. We had a really nice hike until we ran into a gaggle of deer. There were about 5 of them & she, of course, went nuts when she saw them. So we turned around & went back the way we came. She also has the nasty habit of pulling on leash. I bitch & complain about it all the time. What's that saying? "Don't complain...Train!". And that's exactly what I plan on doing. Time to get off my ass after 3 years & finally teach her how to walk politely on leash! Penny will be on the same LLW training plan as Lola. She gets plenty of exercise running around in the yard w/ the Sprout so I'm not worried about that.

The pups hung out on the front porch all afternoon soaking in the sun. It was a nice Sunday.