Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goodbye to our Cousin Panzer

Hey everypup, Sherman here. Today is a very special post, so special I'm having my Dad type for me. Today we're paying tribute to our cousin Panzer, one super cool dude who went to the bridge this past weekend. But instead of being sad, let's celebrate a great 12 and a half years with my Grandma Kay and Grandpap Don (and Dad, Uncle DJ...he was special to lots of humans). Mom says most Rott-wy-lers don't get to train their people for that long so he was extra lucky. Even though he was older than me (maybe), we were a lot alike. Mainly both big, black and TUFF. He was great though, he always let ME be the boss when I would go visit or stay...I think he was scared of me. Maybe it was just respect!

Here we are being TUFF together (note the resemblance and how we're almost the same size):

This is when he was just little...his nickname was Panzer Bear or P-Bear for short because he looked like a little bear cub (boy is my dad young and skinny):

Anyway I know Mom, Dad and his pawrents are really sad and will miss him lots. I will too.

I hope where ever you are has lots of trees to pee on and cool green grass to lay in, buddy!