Saturday, October 28, 2006

Graduation Day for Lola at Animal Friends! Lola did surprisingly well and only barked at one dog going into the shelter. There were a couple of was a LLW relay race where we had to carry a glass of water. That went OK. We did timed Sits where Debby starts the clock and each person has to cue the dog to sit. Then we do it again w/o cueing, using only body language. Lola is stellar at this.

The best part was a contest between 2 dogs where they both have to sit while we put Leis over their head. They have to be sitting to get a lei. The one with the most leis wins. Lola ran away with this contest. The first one I put on her she kind of balked at and tried to eat. But then I slipped a treat in and she just sat their while I put 15 Leis on her. It was too cute.

We finished up w/ some agility stuff & she has no fear what-so-ever.

Sherman had CGC class today & I'm so proud of my grumpy boy. He's doing so very well & I don't have any fear about him passing. He did 2 great recalls, held his stays, heeled OK and didn't make a peep during a 2 1/2 minute supervised separation. We even did 2 dog to dog intros & he just sat by my side, wagged his tail & looked up at me with his famous Shermie grin. He's too darn cute!