Friday, January 18, 2008

Fridays are pawesome!

Happy Friday Puppers!! I'm so glad it's the weekend. Mom and Dad have NOTHING to do for 2 whole days but play with me (and Sherman and Lola) and take me for walkies and feed me turkey necks! It's gonna be great. I'm excited for football too. We're cheering for the Packers now (Mom has a little thing for Brett Favre). And if they lose...well, we're not watching the Super Bowl then.

Mom got a special present in the mail this week. I recognized the name on the box right away as the Mexican Diva, J. Lo-renza! Of course, Lola thought it was for her but was for Mom!

Lorenza's exceptionally talented Grandma made this beautiful shiny box for Mom.

It has tissues in it now but Mom says it's so pretty that once they run out, she's going to use it to keep her keys, cellphone and Ipod all safe in one spot!

Lorenza, your Grandma is the best! Please give her 25 kajillion kisses for me & my Mom.

We are WWAAAYYYYY behind on our Tags, so I'm gonna start & try to get us caught up. That handsome little Kaiser-kins tagged me to answer these questions:

1. If I were another animal I would be a lioness. I could lay around in the sun all day, play with my sisters and hunt giant Water Buffalos and gazelles and EAT THEM!

2. My most favorite song is the song Mom sings me when she comes home from work "Princessss...Penny Wiggles! She is wiggly and brown. Princessss...Penny Wiggles! She dances all arounddddddd!" It sounds dumb but it makes me dance!! I also like Hips Don't Lie by Shakira because I've got some serious hip shakin' moves.

3. If I could live anywhere in the world...I'd go live with Peanut in Louisananananana. I need to help him deal with Shelby.

4. If I were a famous movie star or personality I think I would be Scarlett Johanssen. See the resemblence?

5. I would be the spokesdog for Carnivore Crunch!!!! It is my most favoritest dog treat in the whole wide world (next to Mom's Liver Brownies). I could eat them & eat them & eat them & eat them all night long. And I'm picky.

I'm tagging Tucker Doodle because he asked for a nice shot of me...this is for you Tucker. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.