Friday, April 20, 2007

Foto Shoot Friday (Happy Barkday Penny!!!!!)

Today we celebrate Penny's 5th birthday. This is all, of course, an approximation because when we adopted her on 11/20/2002, the Vet estimated her age at 7 months. I believe that to be pretty accurate.

If you spend a lot of time with Dog People, you may hear them refer to one particular dog as their "heart dog". They may have 2, 3, 5, 8 dogs...but one dog in the pack stands out. It's not picking favorites. But there is one dog they share a particularly strong bond with. The dog that can almost read their mind. The dog that makes them work a little harder, search a little longer, have a little more patience. The one that changes them, for the better, forever.

Penny is my Heart Dog.

All of the reasons why will be reserved for another day. I'm not getting I'm celebrating all that is Penny!

We had the first perfect day in weeks to hit the park.

"Let's GO!"

Yes, she had to stop & pose at a few spots on the trail...for Foto Shoot Friday!

But we found a large clearing that was perfect for running

And rolling in deer poop

Big giant tongue from running

And the serious "I smell deer" face.

Yes, once we left the clearing, we ran into a herd of about 8 deer. It took Penny 20 minutes to calm herself down (and was a very clear reminder of why I don't let my dog off leash at the park!!).

But it was bliss cooling off her toes in the stream.

A quick rest stop before heading home.

At home she got to enjoy a buffalo scapula on her deck...which is pretty much Penny's favorite place on earth during warm weather.

She also enjoyed some of her favorite homemade liver brownies...which were devoured w/o time to snap a picture.

It was a perfect day...all for my little Princess Penny Wiggles.

I love you Beauty Queen.