Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Desperately seeking a BFF

Penny is very sad. Both Sherman & Lola have found their BFFs and she thinks there is no one out in bloggerdom that wants to be hers.

She would really like to find a best friend with a lot of the same qualities she has:

*She's brown
*She has a grouchy older sibling
*She has an annoying younger sibling
*She's very patient with both of them
*She hates cats
*She loves her family
*She has long legs & a skinny body
*She can run very fast
*She's an excellent watchdog

"And don't forget, I'm a Princess"

So...anypup out there sound like Penny? She'll be your bestest friend!

Oh, and BTW...Lola says that she's NOT telling anyone about her & Tad's secret. She won't even tell me. I'm a little worried about those two crazy kids.