Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy V-Day!

I hope everypup, and kitty and hammie had a great Valentine's Day! We've gotten a bunch of cards through Kaiser's Valentine's exchange and we'll post about them later. Mom's car got sick this week and wouldn't start for 3 whole days! It went to the V.E.T. and now it's all better. And we can FINALLY send out our cards. Never fear, your cards are on the way...consider it Valentine's WEEK!

Earlier this week I received a big Box addressed just to ME! It was from that super handsome husky boy, Sky Kapp. I won the "guess where my people went" contest on his blog...and he just happens to think I'm pretty cute.

He sent me a HUGE bag of cookies his Mom & little biped made especially for ME (and Sherman and Penny). I also got a PINK Princess Minnie Mouse head.

And a bag of his super pawesome husky fur!! Notice "Mr. Husky Wanna-be" poking his head in to see what a REAL husky smells like.

I love that husky fur...and No, I didn't eat it....

The cookies were SO delicious. They were in all shapes, but I liked the hearts the best


I walked around & played with my PINK Minnie head...

But it's way more fun to play with my bestest friend & big sister Penny. So we tugged & tugged & tugged!

I always share with her...well, most always.

PINK Minnie head is STILL intact! That's a lot for this house.

Sky-boy sent me something else this week...SNOW!!! Just look at our yard! It's covered in the white stuff. I should make a little comment about that ugly fence thingy in our backyard. I, um...jumped over the wall like 5 times last week and couldn't get back in the yard. Dad put this thing up to keep me "safe"...I was safe. I was just trying to go & look for Sky!

See...I'm lookin'!

I tried, Sky. I couldn't find you.

But thanks for the presents & the SNOW!