Friday, December 08, 2006

We do this really fun thing at mealtime. The dogs hang out in their favorite spots while I prepare their feast. When I bang the spoon on the last bowl after mixing everything together, they all come running & sit in their designated spots. I ask them to Wait while I put all the bowls down and they all have to give me eye contact for however long I feel like making them wait...usually it's not very long. Then I tell them "OK!!!" and they all dig in.

"Fun? Does this look like fun to you? Two letters...O & K...just say 'em fer cryinoutloud!"

"We're looking at you already! What kinda power trip are you on Woman???"

I put these shots on the blog as proof that I do not starve them. Nor do I torture them by showing them their food & then eating it myself.

I swear...they eat very well!