Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's Playoff Time!!!

W00t! Our Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Jacksonville kitty-cats in the first round of the playoffs tonight! I'm geared up & ready to go!

The game is on late tonight (8:00 p.m. Mom & I are usually getting ready to go to sleep by then!). I'm taking a little nap so I'm fresh & rested & ready to cheer on our Black & Gold.

Mom has this special picture taken a couple of years ago of our Boys. It's called Our Father and was taken by
a great local photographer Mom met last year at work. He takes pretty pictures. We all gave it a good luck lick tonight...hope we don't need it!


(pee the creepy weirdo that left the anonymous comment about the's been deleted as you're a big fat loser. If you want to trash talk, email us. Otherwise, keep your punk ass, cowardly comments to yourself. Thanks, tough guy.)