Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday night class

Well, if you just met Lola for the first time tonight, you'd never know she had any "issues". I took her with me to Annette's class for graduation and she was absolutely perfect.

She did have to spend a good deal of class in the crate....which is good for her. It's helping with her self-control (she has, um...none).

"Yeah, if I'm so perfect, why am I in JAIL????"

She was wonderful during heeling and even though it was kinda close quarters & a 5 mo GSD was getting pretty snarky with everyone...she kept her cool. I was very proud.

After class we had play time & I tried & tried & tried to get some good shot of her & Apache...but they're both so crazy insane, the shots were mostly a blur. I think I only got this one b/c they were headed for a front-end collision with the crate!

Round & Round & Round they went. I was tired watching them!

I think Annette was happy b/c Apache found a fun dog that isn't totally intimiated by him & his very manly WOOOOFFFF!!!!

She was totally pooped when we got home.

Thanks for being such a good girl Mush Face!