Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Tail of two Cool Dudes

Hey my fellow DWBs...my ole lady (Mom) let me have my own post today because my Super Fly Soul Brother, Wally, gave a really nice shout out to our very groovy friendship. Ya see, Wally is my BFF (Black, Furry Friend....not like Suki & Ruby who are Best Friends Forever. Humf...Chicks!). We are so very alike...we must have been separated at birth. Wally pointed out the obvious:

We both dig food (raw meaty bones preferred):

(Dot, please ignore the pink stitches...it's a long story).

(Yeah, my Man is one cool Dude...just look at the size of that BONE!)

And yes...we're both Black & Furry. Which means, we have to seek out cool spots to "hunt".

(Wally's got it down...my Apes don't take any pictures of me in my cool little outside House.)

We both dig Haute Chicks!

(Back off BOYZ...Sam is spoken for by my BFF Wally!)

(And don't even think about it...this spotted Goddess is ALL MINE!!!)

AND...we have the most handsomest profiles in all of Black Dogdom. (yeah, yeah, yeah...so we both have a little white on our faces...just a reminder of how worldly and experienced we are.)

A few more fun facts about Wally & I:

~We both live in Pennsylvania...he's an Eagles fan, but I don't hold that against him. (Go Steelers!!).

~Wally weighs 43 lbs...ME TOO!! (Ole Lady: He weighs 44 lbs...on a day when he hasn't eaten.)

~We both have annoying Sissys...but I have TWO!!

~We both have super cool names...Wally & Sherman...come ON!! That's a Duo to be reckoned with!

~But the one thing you may not have known, Wally is a deer hunter. He is my hero! I've seen sooooo many deers at the park and wanted to chase them. But Ole Lady says No. Wally is Da Man!

So raise your glasses and give a big cheer! Sherman & Wally..BFF ...ARE HERE!!!!!