Saturday, June 16, 2007

She is part gazelle...

When you have a 6+ foot high retaining wall in the back of your yard, you never imagine that you would need to fence that space in. It should be enough to hold 3 medium sized dogs without a problem.

Unless, one of the dogs is part gazelle. I now have this giant (albeit temporary) eye-sore in my yard as Miss Lola has discovered she can clear the wall from a dead stand. I was popped my head out side to check on the dogs and discovered Lola running around in the yard above my house. Apparently there was a squirrel party going on in the big trees & about 8 of them were having a grand old time tormenting the Dogs.

I, of course, have a complete panic attack because she has never been in a unfenced area. Thank DoG I have trained a really good recall in her & when I said "Lola, Come!!"...she scurried down the wall like Spiderman.

Stoopid me thought it would only be a one time thing & she wouldn't possibly remember how to get back up there. But sure enough, when I let her out later in the afternoon, she bolted right up the wall. She came right back without a moments hesitation when I called her. I then got smart & came up with a temporary solution until we can figure out what to do.

This is how she was the rest of the day:

Not as much fun...but I prefer her in OUR yard.

"I don't see a problem...I was trying to catch dinner."

"Zzzzzzzzzz....dreaming of catching that fat squirrel!!"