Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Walkies...Spooky style

I love Walkies!! Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Goooooooo!!!!

This week's Walkie Wednesday is going to be a special Halloween edition. Oh yeah...follow me guys.

We're headed to Spooky Town!

Supposedly these grave places are pretty scary around this time of year. Let's check it out!

I sniff Dead People...

Rumor has it...there are ghosts in these stones!!

But I'm not scared. I'm TUFF!!!! And I've got pee mail to send!

And I'll do the pee mail dance to scare the ghosts away!

Bet ya can't guess what I'm doing here!

These giant stones are everywhere!

But for some reason...I'm not allowed to send any pee mail to the ghosts!

This tree doesn't look too scary. I'll just hang out under here for a while. Wait...what's that noise??

I think I've sent enough pee mail...this place is getting creepy. I'm outta here!