Monday, May 07, 2007

Friends come to visit!

Scott's parents came over to visit this afternoon & brought their two dogs, Panzer & Barron with them. Panzer is 11 1/2 & huge.

The girls both love him. He's usually smitten with Penny & will spend hours licking her ears & in her mouth.

But of course, Lola decided she should steal the show and made it her mission to have him enamored with HER!

"Fine with me! A little peace & quiet is a nice change!"

But the girls also had a great time running with Barron. He's Lola's age & the three of them ran circles all over the yard. None of the pics I took came out because they were moving too fast!

He's a real cutie!

And where was Sherman during all of the fun & games outside..Locked in the house!!!

Yes, Grumpasorous Rex could not behave himself and was banished inside. He kept jumping on Barron & humping him & driving us all crazy.

"Don't believe a word of it...I was just showing him that I'm the boss. Of everything."

Sherman has a major Napoleon complex.