Monday, October 30, 2006

Penny & I started the Dynamic Dogs class at the WPHS on Monday. This class is to give TDI dogs & their owners some experience doing therapy work before they venture out on their own. I was thrilled that they started this class b/c I was a little unsure about how to get started. It's taught by Marsha Robbins, who is exceptionally gifted with people and dogs. Lola & I took her puppy class and it was stellar.

The first 2 classes are at the shelter and then she takes us into the community for the last 5. And the class is incredible. We started out with basic obedience stuff to get the dogs comfortable with each other. Penny did very well with the other two dogs in class. One was Cowboy, who she's been in 3 classes with & knows well. The other was Tasha, one of the puppies in Lola puppy class last February (who is now huge!).

Marsha really put us through our paces. This class is tough! She really tests the dogs skills to get an idea of how they will be in different situations. (brag on Penny…she held her sit stay when Tasha broke and ran around her play bowing! I was very proud!). We discussed what our dogs are comfortable with & what they are not & she is tailoring the visits to the class.

We loaded all 3 dogs into the elevator & they all did great. Penny glued herself to my leg, but managed not to panic (she hates the elevator).

Next week we go to Pitt to visit with homesick college freshman (how cool is that??!!). We're also going to the Joseph something-or-other bookstore on the Southside and to a group home.

Marsha also invited Penny & I to do a bite prevention workshop at the Children's Museum. She's gonna LOVE that! All those little kiddies to give kisses to...what could be better than that?