Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Foto Shoot...Pawty Time!!!

The Dogs of Jackman Ave are dressed in their finest tonight.

While some of the dogs (Lola) have suitors in Pittsburgh (Brody, Apache, DeeOgee, Duke, Scout...who is a girl...not that there is anything wrong with that.),

...this weekend is a celebration of CyberPups!!

This Foto Shoot Friday goes out to Dogs With Blogs...

"Pawty Time"

We have had more fun & "met" the most stellar dogs (and hoomans) since joining DWB. Opy, Charlie, Greg & Brooke couldn't have done any better than starting this lovely database of people who love dogs. And unlike the Dogdom I've surrounded myself over the past few years, there is no arguing about nutrition, training methods, exercise, dominance theory. relationships, etc. Its a breath of fresh air. We just love our dogs, have fun with them & exploit that fun on the 'Net. The Dogs usually don't mind posing & we've created the ultimate photo album.

I started the blog for Scott & we could track Lola growing up. I wanted a chronicle of her training & everyday progress. (Yes, she was super little & cute...still is, little turkey!)

But tonight isn't about's about DATES! Our very first dates!

Penny & Peanut sittin' in a tree! Penny knows I want my next dog to be a plain (although nothing PLAIN about Peanut) brindle male Boxer.

"I Wuv you, Peanut!"

"Marvelous Marvin...Thank you for being my Date...I've adorned my proper dress and await your "Lick" of approval."

And, of course...Sherman. He's gotten all dressed up for his one & only...DOT!

"I put a tie on & everything...this is true love!

And....I made her a video. Forgive my Mom talking...she's very, very annoying. And has a very shrill voice. I still WUV you Dot!"