Sunday, January 27, 2008

My new collar!

Just in time for that big romantic holiday...I got a new collar!

Around here, we're pretty partial to Lupine Collars. Not only are they quite stylish (as you will soon see) but they are very well made and guaranteed for life. In fact, Lola broke one of my old collars at daycare and Mom sent it back for a replacement. They sent her a brand new one even though it was from 5 years ago!

We all wear the martingale style (or combo) collars. They automatically tighten when tension is applied to the leash and there is no chance of us backing out them and getting hurt.

So here is the new collar. See, it's got all kinds of little hearts all over it!

The big one is for Peanut...but the other ones are for Pippa, & for Tucker, & for Kaiser, & for Ethel, & for Sophie & for Lola. Maybe there's even one on there for Sherman. A little teeny weeny one.

And speaking of Valentine's Day...Kaiser is organinzing a Valentine's Day card Xchange! If you want to pawticipate...head over to his bloggy & let him know.

I'm gonna go dream of all of my Valentines...