Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Th Ao4 had a little discussion last week about their collars. Coincidentally, I've been in the market for some new collars for the Dogs.

All of my Dogs wear martingale style collars because I've seen one too many dogs slip right out of a flat collar. This makes it impossible, yet can't choke them. And I really like Lupine collars because they really hold up. Penny's collar is 3 years old & looks brand new. But, they are really stiff & it's a giant PITA getting Lola out of her collar every morning now that she's being crated again.

This is Sherman's current collection of collars: The Wolf collar is the most fitting as Sherman is really a Wolf. He has a turtle one for summer when Sherman is slow as a turtle, a black gold collar he wears during football season & a very manly silver collar that just looks good with black fur.

It's almost summer...that means it's Turtle Time!!

Lola's collars are a bit more feminine...she usually sports pastels or purple. The one on the right with the little daisies on it is my favorite but it's trashed.

Right now she's wearing Ruby Cube (sounds like Ruby Blue!)

And poor Penny, I love her in red but all the collars she has are so masculine. I'm in the process of trying to fem her up a bit.

Cool print, but she looks like a boy.

I found a great site that makes really cool collars, Retro Pet and am going to order Lola & Penny new ones soon. Anyone wanna help me out & throw out a vote for a fem collar for Penny? I'm thinking You Look Fabulous , Vintage Mod BOHO, or Groovy Baby.

Any other online stores I should check out???