Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fuzzy White Explosion!

We've been conducting a little experiment with Lola. She's proven to be fine out of the crate for a couple hours by herself so we've decided to try leaving her uncrated for the morning. Monday was great. Nothing was out of place, nothing was destroyed, nothing was peed on. I almost left her out for the afternoon, but figured I'd better not press my luck.

So Tuesday when I come home at lunch, I greet the pups & look down the main hallway. There is a piece of white fluffy stuffing laying at the end of the hall. Hmmmm...

I turn walk down the hall & turn the corner & what do I see? A white fuzzy explosion!

I was expecting it to be from one of my new throw pillows...but fortunately, Lola had just destroyed one of her big stuffed toys (that purple thing used to be a bunny). And one of Scott's slippers.

I have no problem with her destroying toys...isn't that what they're there for??? We'll see how the rest of the week goes. She touches Scotty's $100 remote control...she's toast!