Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Circus is coming to town

HELP!! As if dealing with Lola wasn't bad enough!! Running around, chasing her stupid tennis balls, biting me in the legs....

Now I find out THIS is coming to visit!!

Apparently he & Lola are BFFs. Now I know how Lola is when she's excited...she's annoying & she runs all over the place & she barks a lot. And I've see crazy Tadpole run...the two of them together are going to be a nightmare. I prefer Lola like this:

(Yes, Penny...don't we all).


Psssst...hey guys...

Tadpole is having a hard time coming up with the cash to mail himself to me. an effort to raise money for him, I'm selling Sherman. Who wants him??? You have to pay by the pound and at $1/lb...that will be appx. $923,102. I'll take a cash or a personal check.

Oh, just don't tell Mom...for some reason, she actually LIKES him.