Friday, October 26, 2007

I am NOT a happy Diva!

This is supposed to be MY special weekend! MY Barkday is next week and my super special Pittsburgh friends, Scruffy & Lacie, planned this great Pawty for all the DWBers who have Halloween Barkdays. Amber & Koobus & Lorenza & Dewey & Precious & ME..we're all 'sposed to celebrate our Barkdays in Salem. At OUR Pawty. With all of our friends.

And I didn't invite Sherman. He cramps my style. He's old & grouchy & a total buzz kill. Penny & I don't call him the Fun Police for nuthin'

Well. I totally caught Sherman sending secret blog messages to his BFF Wally T. Corgador. Sherman told Wally to send that stupid guy, Mr. Al Urgee to Jackman Avenue and RUIN MY WEEKEND!!!

Yep. I'm guilty.

Now look at me!!!

Look at these super awful ITCHIES Al Urgee gave to me! I can't stand it! All I can do is scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch and scratch some more!! It's awful.


Mom had to take me to the V.E.T today to make sure I don't have bugs. BUGS!! Divas don't get BUGS! They had to scrape off parts of my skin and take samples of my furs & look at them under a giant telescope.

The good news is...I haven't gained a pound. I'm still a petite 40.9 lbs. How much do you weigh Sherman??? Huh???? Betcha it's 10 times that, Chubs!

I digress. I don't have bugs. But, the V.E.T. told Mom that Al Urgee is gonna be here a while. We live in a super old house with an old furnace and I'm apparently very sensitive to old, crusty dust. Guess we'll just have to get rid of Sherman! She gave me some drugs to help the itchies and she suggested we get our Ducks cleaned.

Ducks??? WTF! Exactly where have Mom & Dad been hiding these Ducks?? Ducks are delicious! Penny & I will be happy to clean of charge.

Don't think Sherman is gonna get away with this. Oh No. I know people. Wizards, actually.

Sherman, meet Joseph Stains...the Wizard of all Stains. Check out his giant wand.

I contacted Joe about my little "situation" with Sherman and he was happy to help. He's gonna give me a little lick at the pawty (don't worry boyz...just as friends).

He told me to whip up a little Witches Brew and put a couple of "Stain" drops in it. I'm to tell Sherman it's chicken broth.

Chubs didn't know the difference & before long...he was in a deep slumber.

And then....POOF!! Sherman turned into a Pumpkin!! Oh Thank You Master Wizard of Stains!

That will teach you Sherman! Don't mess with the Diva.

And just to make Sherman (ahem, I mean...Mr. Pumpkin Head) a little more miserable...I got my first ever Barkday Pressie from
The Brat Pack!!! Thank You, Happy Hounds!!!!!

I'm not allowed to open it until my Barkday. But Sherman is gonna be Pee Ohhhed!! Neener, neener, neener...Dot sent me a Pressie!

See Yinz guys tomorrow at the Pawty!!