Monday, December 03, 2007

Mom finally got her act together!!

And it's about time! The holiday card photo shoot went OK...the cards have been ordered & will be mailed this weekend.

Mom made us pose for about 800 bazillion pictures and by the time it was all done...we were exhausted! Even Penny & Lola were pooped...and those two have energy to burn.

And it's a good thing b/c our DWB holiday card door is filling up! Look how many cards we've received so far!

And Dad put all the Christmas lights up this weekend. Get a load of our house!!

Mom says you can see it from the MOON! Too bad it wasn't done on Friday or we could have shown all of our friends where we live at Goofy's Space Party.

And what a party it was!!!

Oh, and our Grandpap is out of Intensive Care but is still in the hospital. He's doing a lot better though & Mom is gonna see if I can go visit him! I AM Certified Therapy Dog after all.