Monday, June 30, 2008

School is Cool!!

So, how was everypups weekend??? Mine was totally pawesome!! I know, I could it be so great if I'm in this jail?

Because I only had to be in jail for a little bit...the rest of the time I did this:

Mom took me to class with her today and I got to show off how good I am and play with lots of other dogs and puppies...

I REALLY wanted to play with this little Sheltie...he was so cute & fuzzy.

But for some reason, he didn't seem to fond of me...

"Why won't you play with me?????"

But he still seemed a little intimidated, so I just ran off to play with some other puppies.

I really liked this girl. Her name is Buttercup and she is of the relentlessly huge variety!

These are trainer Bob's dogs...Oscar & Carmen. We are the demo dogs and we rock!!

This is what I did for the rest of the day...

School is cool, but exhausting!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Breed Tag

Stormy of the Ao4 came up with this really cool Breed tag! She didn't technically tag me, but I figured I'd help get the ball rolling!

Based on your pup-onality, if you were a breed other than the one or ones you are now ... what would you be?

This got me thinking...

I know I'm not ALL Boxer...but I'm pretty close. I think if I were going to be another breed, it would be a
Greyhound. I LOVE to run, and run, and run...and I am FAST! No dogs at the park can catch me.

Plus, I hear they get to chase bunnies...I'd be all over that! I'm also super skinny like a Greyhound. Mom is always saying she'd kill for my metabolism.

The rules of the tag game are:

1. Copy the question above and paste it into your post.
2. Answer it - and give a few reasons for why you think you'd be that breed or breeds.
3. Post these rules!
4. Tag ONE other blogger. If there are multiple pups within the same pack/blog, each pup should only respond when he or she is tagged. One at a time!
5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

I'm going to tag LOLA from the Forget Sit & Stay gang...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

The moles are back!!!

I LOVE this time of year! It's time to go mole hunting!

I wait...

I pounce...

Mom screams and makes me spit it out. Then she throws my prize in the garbage.

So I pout...

Any of you guys ever caught a mole? Do your pawrents let you eat it? I'll be so jealous if they do...

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's gettin' hot in here...

So let's make Frosty Paws!!!! Come on Mom....pleaseeeee?

You guys know she can't resist my jowly face. OK, these are pretty easy to make and OH so delicious. I know your folks will make them for you guys too.

Two ingredients...plain yogurt and canned TRIPE!! Mom says you could use a can of dog food too, but that's not nearly as much fun. Mom tried to make Nanook & Pooka's recipe for us last year (with the PB & banana) and Princess Penny didn't like them. She's strange...

Plop your tripe in a big bowl. For those of you who have never had canned tripe, you may want to warn your parents. It smells so good!! (Note from it doesn't. It's quite possibly the stinkiest stuff on the planet & you may throw up in your mouth a bit the first time you smell it. But it's really good for the dogs & they go nuts for I just hold my breath. The sacrifices I make for these beasts...)

Add about 8 oz of plain yogurt...

And stir it up!

Pour it into little containers.

And pop it in the freezer!

Now, as the next 8 hours might be the longest of your life, make sure you convince your Mom to let you lick the spoon...

Sherman got to clean out the bowl (we don't know why this picture is sideways...but we can't figure out how to fix it.)

Penny helped him finish up.

Tick, Tock...Tick, Tock...Tick, Tock. DING!!! They're finally done! They are even delicious on the outside.

Sherman says "Get this stinkin' lid off!!!"

Thank you...

Penny is such a dainty princess. She just takes teeny little licks...

I, on the other hand, shove my whole head in there.

All gone!

Took us about 2 minutes to finish them up!

Hope you guys can convince your pawrents to make you some Frosty Paws this weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pressies from Deefor!!!

While Mom & Dad were in Mexico, we got a big box of goodies from Deefor & Arrow!! We love goodies!

Look at all of this good stuff! We got some chew sticks, Zukes treats (which we LOVE)....

And these cool things. Chatter Boxes!! Mom says she's gonna give them to us this weekend. She didn't have a lot of time to take pictures so we'll post more of us eating the goodies later!

She did take a quick pic of Lola eating the most delicious buffalo heart. That's right...buffalo heart!! Yum!

We have a new blogging buddy from the 'burgh. Her name is Aggie and she's a Boston Terrier. Stop by & say Hello!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

We're all back!!

Hi Guys!!! We're so glad that Mom and Dad are back! Not that our Doggie Vacation wasn't pretty darn terrific. Auntie Kristen is the bestest Auntie ever (don't have a fit, Auntie Rachel...we think you're pretty great too!). She took the best care of Penny & I (aka spoiled the heck out of us) and I think she should come live with us forever....

Mom & Dad showed us some pictures of their trip. This is the hotel where they stayed...

This is the pool they laid around every day (can you guys spot my Dad in this picture???)

This is Dad representing all of us DWBers by wearing one of
Pappy's custom t-shirts!

Mom & Dad even watched the Penguins game on Saturday...don't ask them about the game though. Oooooo, that's a sore subject!

And this crazy guy was their waiter! Steeler fans are everywhere!!! Even in Mexico.

I'm not sure why they had to have giant drinks. I guess it gets pretty hot in Mexico so they needed lots of liquids to quench their thirst.

And speaking of HOT...what the heck is up with this weather???? It was 95 degrees here yesterday. We haven't been doing much of anything but laying around since they got home.

Even crazy Lola can't stand the heat...

And Mom is making me say Congratulations to my sisters for winning the DWBs Photo of the Month. And I'm supposed to thank Miss Ruby Blue for nominating them. Pawsonally, I think this picture is dumb...I'm not even in it!!

But Congrats anyway (do I get an extra chicken back now, Mom???)

We're gonna have a busy week...we've got some Meme's to do, a tag to finish and a big present from Deefor to open!

And we'll be around to visit all yinz guys too! We've missed you all...