Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Play Ball!

I'm so excited about the big Super Bowl pawty this weekend with Joe & Gus & Tanner & Teka! The very first year I lived on Jackman Avenue, the most super coolest football team in the whole Pittsburgh Steelers...won the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, things didn't quite work out for us this year (but they're still super cool!) so we're just going to AZ to hang with our DWBs friends.

I don't really get into playing football balls are more my thing. I prefer to chase them all around the yard, but it's been too rainy this week. I hate rain.

I can still have a good time in the house playing with the t-balls. I've learned to entertain myself pretty well.

And there is something special about these indoor tennis balls...they're MAGIC!

Turn your speakers up REALLY loud and I'll share with you my MAGIC tennis balls.

In case that video doesn't work...try this one.

Imagine that, Mr. Sherman...who could care less about tennis all of a sudden interested in the MAGIC tennis balls!

He must think they're made out of chicken backs.

Or he's trying to be like his BFF, Wally...who is WAY cooler because he can jump super high AND he plays with PINK tennis balls!

Never fear...I got it back. I played beautiful music for Mom all night!

(in case my video didn't work...the MAGIC tennis balls SQUEAK! Very Loud.)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My new collar!

Just in time for that big romantic holiday...I got a new collar!

Around here, we're pretty partial to Lupine Collars. Not only are they quite stylish (as you will soon see) but they are very well made and guaranteed for life. In fact, Lola broke one of my old collars at daycare and Mom sent it back for a replacement. They sent her a brand new one even though it was from 5 years ago!

We all wear the martingale style (or combo) collars. They automatically tighten when tension is applied to the leash and there is no chance of us backing out them and getting hurt.

So here is the new collar. See, it's got all kinds of little hearts all over it!

The big one is for Peanut...but the other ones are for Pippa, & for Tucker, & for Kaiser, & for Ethel, & for Sophie & for Lola. Maybe there's even one on there for Sherman. A little teeny weeny one.

And speaking of Valentine's Day...Kaiser is organinzing a Valentine's Day card Xchange! If you want to pawticipate...head over to his bloggy & let him know.

I'm gonna go dream of all of my Valentines...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cubby Art!!

My Boxer pal Cubby is so darn talented! Mom sent him this picture of us from the DWBs Calendar:

And he turned it into Cubby Art! All by himself!

And while you are surly impressed with his talent, you will be more impresssed to know that 1/2 of the proceeds go to Legacy Boxer Rescue. He's handsome, talented AND generous! What a guy.

Mom loves this picture and is going to put us on our very own Jackman Avenue T-shirt! So she says...

And on a separate note...I won Balboa's create a caption game for last week!! 'Cuz I'm VERY clever.

Go check out this week's contest!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The perfect breed...Sherman!

Mom & Dad did that little thingy they saw on Sexy Sophie's blog about matching up owner's pawsonality with the right breed of dog. Here are the breeds Mom's picks:

Doberman Pinscher

Hmmmmm, notice any resemblance to certain pup you know????

I think if you put them all together, you would have a Sherman! The pawfect breed for Mom and Dad!

Dad also had the Doberman as #1. Weird, huh? And guess where the Boxer was? In the Fifties for both of them!!! Aaahahahahahahaaaaa! Dad now has a new nickname for Lola...#51, 'cuz that's where she was on his list.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fridays are pawesome!

Happy Friday Puppers!! I'm so glad it's the weekend. Mom and Dad have NOTHING to do for 2 whole days but play with me (and Sherman and Lola) and take me for walkies and feed me turkey necks! It's gonna be great. I'm excited for football too. We're cheering for the Packers now (Mom has a little thing for Brett Favre). And if they lose...well, we're not watching the Super Bowl then.

Mom got a special present in the mail this week. I recognized the name on the box right away as the Mexican Diva, J. Lo-renza! Of course, Lola thought it was for her but was for Mom!

Lorenza's exceptionally talented Grandma made this beautiful shiny box for Mom.

It has tissues in it now but Mom says it's so pretty that once they run out, she's going to use it to keep her keys, cellphone and Ipod all safe in one spot!

Lorenza, your Grandma is the best! Please give her 25 kajillion kisses for me & my Mom.

We are WWAAAYYYYY behind on our Tags, so I'm gonna start & try to get us caught up. That handsome little Kaiser-kins tagged me to answer these questions:

1. If I were another animal I would be a lioness. I could lay around in the sun all day, play with my sisters and hunt giant Water Buffalos and gazelles and EAT THEM!

2. My most favorite song is the song Mom sings me when she comes home from work "Princessss...Penny Wiggles! She is wiggly and brown. Princessss...Penny Wiggles! She dances all arounddddddd!" It sounds dumb but it makes me dance!! I also like Hips Don't Lie by Shakira because I've got some serious hip shakin' moves.

3. If I could live anywhere in the world...I'd go live with Peanut in Louisananananana. I need to help him deal with Shelby.

4. If I were a famous movie star or personality I think I would be Scarlett Johanssen. See the resemblence?

5. I would be the spokesdog for Carnivore Crunch!!!! It is my most favoritest dog treat in the whole wide world (next to Mom's Liver Brownies). I could eat them & eat them & eat them & eat them all night long. And I'm picky.

I'm tagging Tucker Doodle because he asked for a nice shot of me...this is for you Tucker. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We're still here!!!


Don't worry....we're still here!

I know it seems like we've been gone FOREVER! But Mom & Dad had a pawty for Auntie Kristen's barkday this past weekend & it took them days to get ready! And then it took them days to RECOVER!!

Auntie Kristen is totally worth it though...just look at how fun she dresses!

And then Mom got super busy at her job & wouldn't let us on the 'puter to visit our friends. I have NOT been happy about that...but she needs to earn chicken back $$$ so she's forgiven.

Don't worry...she promises we'll be by in the next day or two to see what yinz guys are up to! And we'll be posting lots more real soon!

In the meantime...Dot-Spot, this roach is for you!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bring Home Beau!

Ao4's First Mission of '08

Operation Bring Beau Home

The Dogs of Jackman Avenue reporting for duty! We're a little late but that's better than never, right??

I've got my Diva Camo bandana on...

And Opy's Dad fitted us up with the proper helmets to head into battle!

Let's make 2008 the year Beau comes home!
I think we should recruit my new buddy Mango! He is large & in charge...and recent addition to DWBs. He'd make the perfect soldier!

Durango needs prayers!

This adorable little guy is Durango...he's the newest member of the Brat Pack & he's feeling really icky! Please send him some prayers or well wishes or good vibes...and lots of positive thoughts for a full recovery!!

We're pulling for ya, little buddy!

Monday, January 07, 2008

We lost but got awards!

You guys probably heard the bad news from Joe Stains...the Steelers lost. I have been moping around the house for two days.

Luckily, Echo knew I'd be depressed and gave me this award! Echo, you made MY day!

I'm passing it on to the dude that aways makes me smile, my BFF Mr. Corgador. And my best girl, Dot-Spot. And my sweet young Diva, miss Stella Bean Latifah

Canine Kids also recognized us as Bloggers of the World!

This is a super cool & special award! One of the greatest things about being part of DWBs is "meeting" other Dogs from all over the world. We may be global, but it still feels like one happy little family. So we're passing this onto some of our favorite international blogging buddies:

Pippa in Spain

Momo & Pinot in Canada

The Wigglebutts in Norway

Marvin in Scotland

Amber in Malaysia

Harry & Cassidy in England

Hammer & Crew in Oz

Lorenza in Mexico

and Huskee in Singapore

Speaking of guys may recall he has a little wedding coming up in the near future. He has accepted my offer to help plan the bachelor pawty and let me tell's gonna be a blow out! Stan, do you think you could sweet talk Ruby into letting us borrow the jet to fly to Singapaw? I'm thinking cigars, poker, chickenbacks & bully sticks...and I'm gonna try to get some hotties from the PlayDog Mansion to come & provide the entertainment. Hubba Hubba! All DWB boyz are invited.

January there or be square!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's Playoff Time!!!

W00t! Our Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Jacksonville kitty-cats in the first round of the playoffs tonight! I'm geared up & ready to go!

The game is on late tonight (8:00 p.m. Mom & I are usually getting ready to go to sleep by then!). I'm taking a little nap so I'm fresh & rested & ready to cheer on our Black & Gold.

Mom has this special picture taken a couple of years ago of our Boys. It's called Our Father and was taken by
a great local photographer Mom met last year at work. He takes pretty pictures. We all gave it a good luck lick tonight...hope we don't need it!


(pee the creepy weirdo that left the anonymous comment about the's been deleted as you're a big fat loser. If you want to trash talk, email us. Otherwise, keep your punk ass, cowardly comments to yourself. Thanks, tough guy.)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Sherman tried to kill me!!!

He bit me in the ears & tried to rip them off!! See the bloody tips!!

Just kidding...Shermie's actually been kinda nice to me lately. He only grumped at me 1,652 times today. And he let me lick him in the mouth twice. And he only stole my stuffie once. And he didn't slam me to the floor when I jumped on him. I see this as progress.

But I do have ouchy ears. I still sleep in my jail at night and I've been waking up & shaking my head real hard because my ears are itchy. They flop on the bars of my jail & now I have big bloody dots all over my head. Looks pretty bad, huh?

Mom is giving me medicine in my ears (which I do NOT like at all!) and it's making them less itchy. And I've gotten to sleep outside my jail a few nights while they heal. I think this should be a permanent arrangement but Mom says I'm a bed hog so I'll probably be a jail bird for a while.

Has this ever happened to any other pup's floppy ears????

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008!!!


2007 was pretty darn great!! We met so many new pups (and their people) and made so many great friends. But we're guessing 2008 is gonna be pretty great too!!

I've made some New Years Resolutions:

1. Take Mom for more walks...we're both on a weight loss plan this year.
2. Donate some of my stuffies to the animal shelter.
3. Be nicer to Penny & Lola...Mom promised I will get one extra chicken back per week if I can try not to be so grouchy.
4. Become more organized. This is big one for both Mom & I.

We have a very weird house with TWO kitchens. Mom has been using our upstairs kitchen as "storage unit" (i.e. if she doesn't know what to do with something, it goes in the kitchen). And let me tell was pretty darn nasty. Even for me. And I'm a dog. So I convinced Mom that she should clean it out and make it a DOG KITCHEN!!!
So she said "OK...good idea Sherm" and spent 4 hours today cleaning it out for us. Here it is!!!

There are no "Before" pics b/c Mom said it was REALLY yucky and she'd be too embarrassed to showYes, I'm sitting on a pink flowery rug. I've heard pink is the new black. I refuse to let Mom dye me this is a nice compromise.

Here are the name plates from Huskee! Notice who is on the top...yep, ME!

The oven doesn't work but thats OK. Mom can still do all of her cookie making in her kitchen. There is plenty of counter space for food prep.

She now has an organized place for all her Bark Magazines & Whole Dog Journals. And she can leave out our food killing machine. Mom & Dad bought their own food killer b/c she says killing liver has made their first one yucky. Yucky for whom??

We have a nice organized space now for our our canned meatables, tripeables and fishables.

We have our own fridge for storing our yogurt, eggies and cottage cheese, as well as thawing meatables.

Mom keeps the meatables in a big plastic bin so the juice doesn't get all over the fridge. I have always offered to clean up any mess by hand (or in my case, tongue) but she's says "No Shermie, that's OK. Thanks though".

Here are our thawing chicken backables, gizzardables, turkey neckables and a big fat beef heart. MMMMMMmmmmmmm!

I have agreed to let Mom & Dad store their brown fuzzy water in MY fridge on one condition...they've gotta keep my brew in there too.

So that's our new & improved Dog Kitchen! I'm pretty psyched about it and Mom is happy because it's not a giant eye sore anymore. And if Mom is happy...Sherman's happy.

We wish all of our doggie, hamster, kitty and hooman friends a Super Duper 2008 filled with happiness, good health and all the bully sticks you can eat!!!

Keeping up with my resolution to be nicer to my sisters, I'll post this picture of Lola for you guys. Mom says she looks cute in it. Whatever...I'd like my extra chicken back now please.

Next week I'll be nice to Penny.