Friday, January 12, 2007

The weather has rained on our training parade. The girls hate getting wet (divas that they are) so we stayed inside tonight & did some fun stuff.

Training progress:


"I'm perfect & I don't need no stinkin' training. Give me treats for just lookin' good!"


Poor Penny is really bad at shaping. I ruined all fun clicker stuff for her by using it to teach attention. Granted, she has amazing attention, but she does nothing but stare a hole into my head. I'm not good enough at this clicker stuff yet (but will be after the Clicker Expo in March!!). Tried for 20 minutes to shape her Go to Mat.

"How 'bout I just stare at you??? C'mon...Click, please!"

We managed to get one bony butt cheek on, but that took a lot of tossing the treat on the mat (c/t), she sits on it (c/t, tossing it away).

Finished her up with some quarter turns and automatic sits. She does love to heel. Weird dog.


Did some Go to Mat (her favorite clicking game) up to 22 seconds, did some targeting...used the target stick to teach Spin (c/t me! Faded the target stick and had her Spinning on cue in about 2 minutes!). Finished by practicing Stays w/ distance and to 25 seconds & distance of a room. We don't practice this nearly enough. (Note to self - Work on Stays!! But they're so booorrringg!).

"See Mom, I can Stay!"