Thursday, May 08, 2008

National Stuffie Appreciation Day

Mr. T. Bone Beasley has declared today...National Stuffie Appreciation Day! Well you guys probably already know the stuffie I appreciate most. My precious Pink Piggie from my true love Dot Spot.

This is her & I the day I got her. Mom will post a picture tomorrow of what she looks like now.

Mom & Dad went to see their company's softball team play last night. Our Auntie Rachel is the coach and she's pretty good at bossing me around so I figured she'd be pawfect for the job.
Our Auntie Kristen is the catcher and with all of her natural athletic ability, I was certain Mom and Dad would come home and tell us all about the big blow out.
And they did. But it turns out OUR team got blown out, 17-7. Wow...that's really stinky. Auntie Kristen even tried buttering up the Umpire.

It didn't help. I think I need to go to their last game and spread some Sherman mojo around the field. They are playing the worst team in the league (they've only had 4 runs all season!) so they probably don't need my help. But it certainly couldn't hurt.

Stay tuned for updated pics of Piggie tomorrow!!