Monday, March 19, 2007

Saturdays events...reported on Monday.

Saturday, I took Penny & Sherman to the park for a much overdue hike. It was very snowy but not terribly cold. They both take turns feeling the wind in their fur.

The park was beautiful. No one was there & it was very quiet & peaceful.

The snow made hiking the trails a lot more strenuous. Not to worry...I had a good team of mushers!!

Sherman loves the snow & the forest & thinks he's part Wolf (which he's not!)

When I picked Lola up from CBW, we noticed she had a chunk out of her back. My first thought was she got into a fight, but she would have marks on her face & legs rather than the middle of her back.

Further inspection reveals a hole the size of an eye tooth. If I were a gamblin' gal (which I'm not), I would bet she was playing (hard) with another dog and it slipped & came down on her back. Ouch!

As always, Lola was pooped after Camp.

She sleeps the whole way home.