Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Puppy pics of Sherman & Penny

Ike had this very cool idea for the rescue dogs who don't have any puppy pics and couldn't participate in Suki's fun game. We adopted Sherman when he was in 3-7 years old range (we really have no idea). And Penny came home at 7 months.

We can only guess what adorable little puppies they would be. I think this is probably what a
Little Sherman looked like:

Sherman would have been the cutest a fuzzy bear cub!

(note from Sherman..."If you would like an exceptionally handsome, big boned adult dog, you may want to check out my puppy twin. He's up for adoption!")

Ike thought Penny probably looked like this little guy:

Penny Puppy #1

But I think this could be what she looked like too:

Penny Puppy #2

Or this:

Penny Puppy #3

Funny those are 3 different breeds entirely. What do you guys think? And anyone wanna try & guess the 3 breeds? #3 is pretty obvious!!!