Thursday, July 27, 2006

It really sucks when you finally have to admit to yourself your dog is getting old. 3 different Vets at my Practice have estimated Sherman to be anywhere from 9 - 12 as of today. I like to think of him as 6...the BCHS said he was a year when we adopted him & that will be 5 years next week.

But if I'm gonna be honest with myself...I have to face facts. He is closer to 10ish. He's a spry 10ish...but his age is starting to show. He's slow getting up from laying down. He tires after about 20 minutes on a walk. He's good for about 5 minutes of playtime till he gets bored & goes to rest.

I told Sherman he had to live to be at least we have another 10 or so years ahead of us. But at what price?

He still loves a good hike in the woods & as long as he's able...we'll go. We'll just keep the hikes short.