Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Class tonight was Sssooooo much better. Lola was a bit barky at first, but I had the Gentle Leader on her & that helped. That is until she decided to play drama queen and throw herself to the ground or fling her head back in forth till I thought it was going to pop off. But that didn't last long.

We started working on attention (I'm still just using her name rather than a word and it's working very well) while Annette was going over some stuff. And I got her to focus on me while Apache was doing the demo for graduation games. We did some heeling, recalls, sits, downs and stays & she was wonderful. She's responding well to "Leave It" if I get it out before she obsesses and I managed to keep her focus on me when the Fox Terrier was close.

I feel rejuvenated!