Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I love to see the fruits of my labor! Boot Camp has definately paid off for Penny. I took her & Sherman on their first joint walk in a long time. I did use the Easy Walk (which I'm now calling the Pull A Lot) at first and it sucked. So I put the lead on her collar & guess pulling what-so-ever. She got to the end of the lead a couple of times & I gave her an "Eeeasy" and she slowed down. It was wonderful. AND...she came face to face w/ a cat and when I said "Leave it" she turned, looked at me, then kept going. I love it!

Lola is another story. She just isn't getting it. Well, that's not true...toward the end of our walk she was starting to get it. Her new thing is...she pulls, I stop, she sits. At the end of the tight leash. I'm gonna have to try a new approach.