Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Business as usual...

Hi Puppers!!

Even though we haven't updated much, I wanted to make sure you all knew it was business as usual at our house.

Playing ball...

Eating our raw meatables...

Taking Mom on walks...

And snuggling with Penny...

Oh and for the record, Sherman is still a grouch...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Barkday to Me!

HAPPY BARKDAY TO ME, Happy Barkday to me,
Happy Barkday to Meeeeeeee...Happy Barkday to ME!

Today I turn Six years old. Mom can't believe I'm so mature, but I keep telling her age is just a number. I still act like a youngster. Mom is making me a beef heart cake to celebrate my big day & I promise to post pictures later this week.

I really don't need any presents because we got the best present of all over the weekend. Sherman's tumors all turned out to be benign (aka not icky) and he's gonna be fine! But never fear, he's as grumpy as ever...

Maybe I can convince Mom to give me ONE present. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goodbye to our Cousin Panzer

Hey everypup, Sherman here. Today is a very special post, so special I'm having my Dad type for me. Today we're paying tribute to our cousin Panzer, one super cool dude who went to the bridge this past weekend. But instead of being sad, let's celebrate a great 12 and a half years with my Grandma Kay and Grandpap Don (and Dad, Uncle DJ...he was special to lots of humans). Mom says most Rott-wy-lers don't get to train their people for that long so he was extra lucky. Even though he was older than me (maybe), we were a lot alike. Mainly both big, black and TUFF. He was great though, he always let ME be the boss when I would go visit or stay...I think he was scared of me. Maybe it was just respect!

Here we are being TUFF together (note the resemblance and how we're almost the same size):

This is when he was just little...his nickname was Panzer Bear or P-Bear for short because he looked like a little bear cub (boy is my dad young and skinny):

Anyway I know Mom, Dad and his pawrents are really sad and will miss him lots. I will too.

I hope where ever you are has lots of trees to pee on and cool green grass to lay in, buddy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Even though this is MY post, I wanted to give you all a little update on my big brother. Sherman is doing fine. Mom took the cone off his head the first night because he, um...kinda fell down a couple of stairs and almost gave her a heart attack. But don't worry! He was OK. His wounds are healing nicely but I can tell they're getting a little itchy. He goes back to the Vet on the 22nd.

Oh & I'm supposed to tell
Ben's Mum that Sherman has been getting extra lovin every day and Mom makes sure to tell him that it's from her.

Sooooo, apparently Mom has started a little rumor over the internets that I'm becoming even more of a Diva than before. She's gone from calling me Beyonce to Naomi Campbell...I'll have you know, I don't even own a cell phone!!

I would like every pup in Cyberspace to know that I have been on my bestest behavior for 2 whole weeks! I haven't picked one fight with Sherman and am back to snuggling with Penny on a regular basis.

We all go through bad moods, right?

And in case you haven't heard...
DWBs 2nd annual Wine & Cheese Chat Pawty is on April 25th!

We had so much fun last year...I can't wait to see all of my buddies in the Chat Room!!

Oh...and today is also TAX DAY in the States!! Which means Mom's life is calming down & she'll get to bring us around to visit soon as she finished HER taxes!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is so humiliating...

I know I said I was going in for a little nip/tuck...but this is ridiculous! That V.E.T. is a butcher!!

There is practically nothing left of me! She took out the big boned tumor on my shoulder (which was practically the size of a Wally Melon!)

And a littler big boned tumor on my ribs...

And a not-so big boned cyst on my leg!

Can you tell I'm less than thrilled???

Ummmm, & what's up with this lampshade thing on my head????

I don't really think this is necessary....Please don't show these pictures to Dot or baby Stella. I have an image to keep up...

Shermie pulled through surgery like a champ. I'm sure you guys can tell by the first picture...he was feeling no pain last night. He looks awful...they hacked up my baby! But I've very glad they could get everything at once and he won't have to go back under for a while. Or hopefully ever.
In addition to the tumors they removed, they also took a spot off of his tongue that showed up within the last week. I have to wait 10 days for the biopsy results to come back. This is the hard part.
Thank you so much for all of the good thoughts and prayers for our big man. It really means the world to us to have such wonderful support from all over the world! You guys rock.

~Jen & Scotty

Monday, April 07, 2008

More Shermans!

Hello Pups and Hammies!

Thanks for all of the advice on our little sibling rivalry situation. Lola is still being pretty b*tchy and she picked another fight with Penny on Friday. Oooooo, even I know that's a bad idea. Dad grabbed her before anything happened but Lola spent the rest of the night in jail. Ha Ha! She's been pretty well behaved since then.

But enough about that. Here is something pretty cool. Mom won an auction for Legacy Boxer Rescue to name one of the puppies from poor Justine's litter. He's the little red boy you might have seen on Cubby's blog.

Even I think he's pretty cute...

Mom and I decided to name him...what else? SHERMAN!

Because the world definitely needs more Shermans!

And here is something not so cool...I have to go to the V.E.T. on Wednesday morning for a little nip/tuck. I'm having the not-so-fatty tumor removed from my leg. If you guys could send me some good thoughts, Mom would appreciate it. I'm not real worried about it, but you guys know Mom...worry, worry, worry. I'll make sure she lets know guys know how it goes.

One more week till STUPID taxes are OVER!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly...

Ok guys, here's the deal...

We'll start with the Bad. The negotiations went pretty well & we decided not to go on strike. Mom explained that she gets really busy this time of year at work because of some stupid thing called Taxes and that's why we haven't been able to post much....which is BAD. But she promised to post at least once a week AND make us more salmon cookies AND take us on long walks AND get us back to regular visiting VERY soon.

And we promised to keep guarding the house while she and Dad are at work AND snuggle with her in bed at night AND let her feed us meatables b/c that makes her feel good.

Speaking of it is!! Mack sent us a St. Patty's Day box! We got it a little late, but who cares! The dog on the card looks like Sophie after way too much caffeine! Guess who's gonna be all over that giant ball???

These should keep us busy for a while. And Look! They're good for our teefers too!

Toss one of those suckers over here.

Hmmm, they smell like chicken.

And taste like chicken too!

As you can imagine, Chubs devoured his in about 10 seconds.

It didn't take Lola long to finish hers either.

Then it was on to the toys! I think Lola is actually giving Mom a dirty look because she's hanging on to that ball....little brat.

Now she's happy...

Sherman tried to hoard the Shamrock Loofa...

But I stole it from him!

And then Lola stole it from me.

Thank you Mack! We love all of our stuff.

And now for the Ugly....

Right after Mom took these pictures, Sherman and Lola got into a HUGE fight. I, of course, had to jump in and try to protect my sister so pretty soon, we were all fighting. Mom was yelling at us and trying to get us to stop but things got really ugly. Someone (NOT ME!) ended up biting Mom in the hand, by accident of course and she was bleeding and really mad at us. Sherman & Lola have puncture wounds on their faces...I'm fine, naturally. But Mom didn't talk to us for a really long time & we're all kinda grounded.

I don't think we'll be threatening to go on strike again anytime soon.