Saturday, August 04, 2007

Look what came from Wally World!

A giant box full of stuff just for Sherman!! My BFF Wally T. Corgador sent me the most super coolest box filled with FOOD! Just for ME!

Wally said I could share with the girls but I told Mom to lock them out of my room so I could get to work checking everything out.

Ha Ha! No girls allowed!

I started my investigation and it was a like a dream...Salmon treats, Herring treats, Carrot & Chicken treats, SAUSAGES, Wizzle sticks and...a WALLYMELON!!!!


Just look at all this loot.

It's a chubby black dog's dream come true!

I also got a Wally magnet that Mom immediately added to the collection on the fridge.

Notice how I admire Wally's picture.

Oh yeah, & Lola says thank for the tennis ball. Now I don't have to share anything with her. I'll share some stuff with Penny b/c she digs Ethel.