Sunday, February 03, 2008

What a weekend!!

We have had the most amazing weekend!! That Joe Stains is quite the host. He let us, Wally, Ozzie & Rocky sleep off our jet lag in his pawrents bed!

The next day, Lola went to the spa with her BFF Tadpole and the WFT crew

And then the Girls spent last night dancing with their favorite fellows...Awwww, they're so cute, I could almost throw up my chicken backs.

Speaking of job on this trip was to bring some good Pittsburgh food (and some chicken backs) to AZ. Joe Stains' Mom is from da 'burgh & I knew she'd appreciate a little taste of home.

Potato & cheese Pierogies...a staple in every 'burgh household.

Iron City Beer...the one & only

A big fat Primanti Bros. sandwich...heaven on earth

Kielbasa...the turkey variety for those of us who have to watch our waistline, and the regular piggie version for everypup else. Good thing the Turkey Kielbasa tastes BETTER than the pork kind. Makes it fun to be on a diet!

We can NOT have a Super Bowl Pawty without wings.

And the feast I've saved for Wally and, of course, my gal Dot Spot...CHICKEN BACKS!!!!

We got a new shipment in right before I left..I made sure to give the batch a big ole taste test before bringing them to AZ. Yep, they're pretty darn delicious!

Lola agrees...

And even picky Princess Penny says "Yep, pretty darn tasty!"

Here's the thing. Our team isn't playing in the Super Bowl so we have no team to root for. Sure we could root AGAINST a certain team, but that's kinda mean. So we decided that we should just represent anyway & PRETEND our Super Steelers were in the game. Winning, of course.

So we're watching the game in our gear.

And I've arranged for a special someone to stop by the house of Stains and say hello to everyone's favorite "Mean" little Boston.

Mean Joe Stains...

get ready to meet Mean Joe Greene...he should be at Casa Stains by halftime!!

In the meantime...Lola has gone off & become a cheerleader. Go figure. She has not loyalty.