Thursday, March 01, 2007

Advanced Puppy Graduation Night

Lola had her last night of Advanced Puppy tonight. She was a little keyed up going inside the building. We ran into puppy class on their way out and she got kinda snarky with a Golden puppy. It was dark, raining and he bounded around the corner & startled us. She got in his face and did her best tough dog impression.

But once inside, she was fine. We met a Great Pry puppy on the stairs & she was very nice to him (nice to Lola means smacking him in the's an invitation to play).

Graduation involved a longer play session before we started.

"It's a Wooly Mammoth!!!" (actually it was a NewfieDoodle)

"My new boyfriend Brody"

"We have lots of fun romping...till he humps me."

" water."

"Ok guys...I gotta take a breather!"

"Come on Lola...get up!"

"You call yourself a Boxer. I thought you guys were supposed to be high energy!"

They make a very cute couple.

Once they got their zoomies out, we went over the basics. Heeling with about turns and automatic Sits, Downs, Stays w/ distractions, Leave It and approach from a friendly stranger. Lola did really great with everything and had three friendly strangers approach her w/o nailing them in the head. She actually didn't break her Sit or Attention on me once.

Get her over this reactive phase & she's gonna be pretty damn near perfect!

Our graduation gifts were more bling and a big rawhide.

"MARSHA!!!!! Tell Penny to give me back my Graduation Gift!!"

Next stop...Advanced Basic with Ruth. Should be very interesting!


PiratesGrrl said...

Great job! Congrats!

The Brat Pack

Cubby said...

Congrats! Lola is such a good girl!

Pappy's Fella said...

Congrats. That Brody's a good lookin' fella. They'd make some fine mutts.