Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Apparently Scotty decided to snap a shot of me (and Lola) sleeping. Very sneaky Mister. I found this on the digital camera. I guess if this is the worst picture I find on our digital camera...I'm in good shape.

And this is what I did at work today...well not all day. It only took me 5 minutes.

Everybody's doing it...I know.


Boo said...

hehehe! why isn't the photo lola's? :-)

here's mine made by miss sunshade for me. you can see my underbite clearly! which i don't like! argh!!!

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Well one person looks comfortable the other one is a bit squished. lol

Simba xx

Ferndoggle said...

Well as long as I'm comfortable...that's what's important!

Miss Sunshade did a great job. Mom tried to make one for me, but she didn't have a good enough picture of me. Maybe she'll try later!

Lola the White Boxer