Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our Blogging buddy Cubby recently brought a situation to our attention at Legacy Boxer Rescue. Apparently a Momma Boxer was at a shelter in Texas...surrendered b/c she was pregnant. The Rescue took her in (and named her Gidget) and gave this little girl and her new pups a chance at a real life.

I'm a firm believer that we need to do all we can to help the dogs in our own hometown. There are so many dogs (and cats & rabbits & ferrets, etc) in Pittsburgh in need and I try to put all of my resources into helping those close to home. But, Penny & Lola convinced me that we had to send them a little something to help out (OK...and Sherman gave the final go ahead). And I'm very glad I did. I'm really impressed by what I've read of Legacy and they have so many Boxers in need of new homes. To take on a Momma dog & her new pups definately puts a strain on their funds.

So kudos to Cubby for bringing Gidget and her pups to our attention, to the foster family that's giving these puppies a shot at a really great life & to all of our fellow Doggie Bloggers who stepped up & sent these pups a little something. I'm honored to Blog along side yinz guys!

If you're in a giving mood...and you're into Boxers, check out Legacy & send them a buck or two. Gidget says thanks & sends nubby wiggles!

Dog People rock!


Cubby said...

Thanks for the help! You guys are awesome!

sharon said...

Thank you so much for helping LBR with Gidget and her babies. We got new pictures last night and will have them on the website by this weekend. And we're having a name game, so check out our site to see what's going on! Gidget sends full tail wiggles since she is a ala natural boxer all the way!


vasha said...

Thank you for your support. We at Legacy really appreciate it.



KATHY said...

Just taking a break from the poopies to say you guys are AWESOME! Who knows? Maybe one of my babies will end up with a cool name like Penny, Lola or Sherman! Mom says that she'll definitely throw one of those in the ring for voting on :)
Thank you from Gidget and the Poopies.

BoxerDana said...

Thanks again for your support of Legacy Boxer Rescue. I am proud to be a part of this fine group of people. I am also so excited the Cubby has wonderful friends like you that support us over the miles. Take care.