Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My weekend - by Lola

Penny got to post about her weekend (show-off!), so I wanted to say a little something about mine.

Friday night I ate a bee (we think) and my right jowl swelled up to the size of a ping pong ball. Mom gave me a big meatball and the swelling went away (it was laced with Benedryl). Saturday, she woke up and my left jowl was swollen. Yay! More meatballs for me!! Saturday afternoon my eye swelled...'nother meatball!! And Saturday night, my chin swelled...yep, 'nother meatball. She was all ready to take me on an adventure to the ER vet on Sunday, but I was fine. No more swelling for Lola. Da Diva is back!!

Mom did take this picture of my swollen jowls. Dad says he can't tell the difference b/c I'm pretty jowly to begin with, but take my word for it...I'm swelled (and doped up on Benedryl!).

Sunday, since I was all better, I got to graduate from Rally class. I was pretty excited (BAD) at the beginning but I settled down by the end & we did OK. I'm no Penny (no darlin'...you are not. Yet.), but I'll get there.

Here I am practicing my Sit Stays with distractions...my Pixburgh boyfriend Apache was there & I REALLY wanted to play with him!!! But I was good. See??

And here I am with my Grad-ee-a-shun pressie. Cookies!!!

Apache...I'll share my cookies!!!

Oh & I have to do the middle name tag. Here it is:





Unbeliveably adorable

Total Diva

Now I tag Eddie & Peaches (and Bella too) and Sitka.


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh poor Lola...I'm so glad you are better. I don't like bees...that must have been really scawie...but meatballs are good, especially THOSE type of meatballs!!!

Oh, I love your collar...my Mom just bought me one like that with snowflakes...for Christmas!!! Woot!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Clover said...

Lola, you look so sad with your swollen jowl. I hope that bad bee is done messing with your face! Congratulations on your graduation, also. Yayyy!!
Love Clover xo

Maggie said...

Your meatballs sounds yummy but I'm not sure that a swollen face would be worth it! hummmmmmmm

Love ya lots,

Balboa & Mommy said...

I am so glad you're feeling better, I HATE BEES!

You are definately adorable.

Frenchie Snorts

Peanut said...

Mom says that is what I look like when I get benedryl too. Glad you stopped swelling

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

On no Lola... I am sorry that you got stung by a bee. I have tried once or twice to catch one, and mom told me nonononono! Hey, I like your purple Gentle Leader. I have a red one!! Thanks for the tag.. I shall get to work on it :)

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

ooooh Lola I am so sorry to hear about your bee prob and the swellings. You still look humdinger gorgeous to me though!

ps I am holding a Virtual Pawty to celebrate my whole One Year Blogging Anniversary, so you, Penny and Sherman are welcome to drop by!

love and licks, ooooh and i have roast chicken on the menu!

love Marvin xxxxxx

wally said...

Jowls rule! I think you look great all jowly and swollen but I guess that's not nice of me.

Stupid bees! Tasty meatballs!


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Glad you be better from the bee sting. Conpugulations on your graduation!!

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket and Daisy Mae

Randi said...

Oh, Lola! I'm so sorry a bee got you! That's no fun..but meatballs are fun! You have to figure out a way to get meatballs with out the bee or benadryl involved! & congrats on your graduation! You are definately going up!
Love & Licks,

The Army of Four said...

Oh ha roo! Poor sweet Lola! Are you OK now?!?! That whole "swelling" thing sounds horrible! It would have scared the dickens out of my mom!
Did you eat that pink collar thingie at all? Or is that just a Sibe thing?
Play bows,

Rockford said...

So all we have to do is pretend to have swelling to get meatballs? Yummy! And wow! You did good with your sit stay, I especially like the way you hold your leash on the ground - it's very artistic. Congrats! Love Rocky and Mati

Stanley said...


I'm sorry about the swelling, but you are stinkin' cute when you're all hopped up on Benadryl. I think I have to deal with the same guy you do - Mr. Al Urgees. Hate those buzzy buzzy bees.

Congratulations on your gradu me Ation!! Just how many boyfriends do YOU have Miss Smarty Pants??

Goober love,

Kristen said...

Aw, poor Lola. You must have started to get nervous when different parts of her face swelled up! Glad to hear she's fine.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lola.
Bees are not fun! They like to hurt us! Glad you are feeling better now!
Congratulations on your graduation!
You are a good girl!
Have a good night

Frasypoo said...

That must have been bad!Mommy says I' m next since I try snapping at them

Kapp pack said...

So glad to hear your are feeling better! Great middle name!

Huskee Boy said...

Hello Lola,
Poor girl.. bees are scawie.. stay away from them next time. But hey, at least you got yourself a few meatballs.. =)
CONGRATS on your graduation!

Joe Stains said...

hmm when my face swelled I did NOT get any meatballs, I need to talk to my mom.

CONGRATS on your graduation!!

Boo said...

oh lola,

i can see the swelling. not good not good at all! your eyes look different in the 2nd pic too. i'm sure it hurts. the meatball must taste too good that you wish you got stuck by bee everyday! just kidding. i hope you don't get stuck everyday.

wet wet licks


ROSSI said...

oh.. Lola.. u poor girl.. hope u are feeling better now.. that day i just ate a bee too.. hmm.. taste yummy!..

Golden Rossi

Simba said...

Bees do not taste like honey. Mustn't do that again. Glad you are ok.

Simba xx

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh no Lola, that nasty bee. Glad to hear that you're ok now.
You sure did well in class and cookies... yum yum

~ Girl girl

umekotyan said...

Jowl is seen sadness.
I feel it meal wants it. :)

from loved ume tyan

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hi-yip-woo Lola,
Meatballs sound yummy, what are they? I eat so fast that sometimes I don't even taste what I am eating. I'm glad you are feeling better. I guess bees aren't good to eat or chase. Mommy yells at me when I chase & snap at flying things. Got to stay away from those bees.

PreciOus said...

Hi Lola,

I've never heard about that kind of meatballs, but if you like it, then it must be yummy. Bees stings are painful. Sista got stung by bees when she was little and she hates them till now. Haha.


Tadpole said...

Oh my BFF Lola Sprout Beyonce!!! You graduated?! I've never graduated from anything in my entire life! I'm so proud of you!!! And how nice of you to want to share with Apache! :-)

I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'm so glad you got meatballs, too! All I get when stuff like that happens to me is a hand shoved down my throat with some kind of medicine in it. Blech.

Henry Helton said...

This is a message for Ferndoggle. This is Stanley's nomss friend, Henry the Cat. I WOULD NOT taste good with a side of barbecue sauce. I repeat, I WOULD NOT taste good with a side of barbecue sauce. Please do not eat me. I have a lot of kitty friends, some of us even have claws and we know how to use them!

Sparky said...

I'm glad all the swelling's down now. But you must have been very happy to get the meatballs! I've eaten bees before too, but they've never effected me... yet...


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Lola,
Were the meatballs good? hehe.... I hope you totally digested the nasty bee by now. Please don't try that again okay? Bees don't like to be eaten....

Seadra & Zoe said...

Oh Lola....Those jowls are the cutest swollen or not swollen. And stay away from bees. That can be nasty stuff.

Yea, you graduated!! And got cookies too. What a great Mommy you have to take you to "get smart classes". My Mom never took us to those classes.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Bella the Boxer said...

Hiya Lola...a big 'ol bad bee got me on the paw today - but I didn't get any meatballs out of the deal! I'm going to have to have a talk with my Mom. Glad you are feeling better.

xoxo - Bella

Rachael said...

Congratulation on your graduation, and sorry bout your bee sting! Ouchie!