Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why we blog...

Oscar's passing took such a toll on so many of us. I cannot tell you how much I have cried & how heavy my heart feels every time I think of this young soul taken from all of us way too soon. And if I think of Katy & Martin for more than a second, I'm overwhelmed with grief. I don't know how they can handle it.

Jeannie (Marvin's Mom) is very effected and doesn't know if she can continue their blog. Her post is very touching & I urge all to read it.

It made me think of our blog. Why do it? I started our blog in 2005 when Scott & I decided to get a new puppy. This was my first puppy & I was beyond excited. I wanted to document her life from the moment she came home. I wanted to post about her training & be able to look back at how she progressed. We blogged for almost a year without a single comment from anyone. Our family & friends sometimes stopped by to read about how the gang was doing, but I essentially was posting for Scott & I.

Then in October 2006, I joined DWBs. Pappy & Opy were the first ones to welcome us. Our blog has taken a more whimsical tone since then & I've started a separate training blog to continue with my inital intent. But we have "met" so many wonderful dogs & humans from all over the world. I cherish the friends we've made and feel like this is my extended family. A group of people that "get" me and my crazy obsession with my canine crew. Dog People can be exhausting...I used to spend my time in various Yahoo Groups and Canine Forums. I grew so weary debating training methods, nutrition, learning theory, breeders vs. shelters, vaccines...blah, blah, blah. DWBs is my home. My happy place. I love reading everyone's blogs. I laugh (hard) every day.

I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do when something happens to one of my guys. They are such a humongous part of my life and my family. They are my best friends. I worry about Sherman the most. He's probably 10. Or 11 or DoG forbid, 12. I won't accept that he's that old, but I know he probably is. But he could live to be 17 or 18 or 25. Who knows. And Lola is genetically predisposed to a short life. I'm almost prepared for her die young. Sad, but true. I can't even think about rock, my heart dog, my canine soulmate. She's never gonna leave me. She's not allowed. But I know I have this amazing support system that will help me through the pain and that is very comforting.

"Don't worry Mom...we'll live forever."

So Jeannie, let me say...don't put so much pressure on yourself. This is supposed to be FUN!! You don't have to post every day. You don't have to comment everyday. I can't read every blog I'd like everyday. It's that little thing called Life that gets in the way. We won't think you don't like us if you only drop by every couple of weeks. You shouldn't feel any pressure or guilt to do more than you can. Keep Marvin's blog going for YOU (ok...and for us)! So in 25 years (minimum), when he's at the bridge, you can look back & laugh & cry & have a lasting memory of all that he was. And we can do the same.

Not to mention that we would all (Lola especially) surely miss the handsome Marvin Braveheart. That is also heartbreaking.


Balboa & Mommy said...

I am crying now even more than before, Jenny I agree with you. The thought of losing my Balboa brings a fear through my whole body. But this blog is the ONLY place I KNOW that others feel the same as me. The ONLY place were dog birthdays are celebrated, adoption days are wonderful, toys are a great gift, and though sad and heart wrenching, WE ALL BAND TOGETHER TO SUPPORT the loss of a dear and loving dog who gave nothing but love and joy in return.

It is hard to think that each of us will have or has been in Katy and Martin's shoes. I do know that when the inevitable happens and I do lose my Balboa, I know that this is the one place that will understand what I feel, will let me cry, shout, curse, sob, and be there to support me unlike the outside world.

Oscar touched so many lives as have other doggies that have passed before him. Their memories will live on, and helps us to understand that every moment we have should be cherised and memorilized.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

That's a nice post. (British understatement there -sorry) .

We would normally have posted today. We have lots of things to say, and our own busy life. But it seemed like a weekend to have a couple of days off.

So you have made just the right post for all of us in DWB.

And Sherman is not that old. Before Pippa, Prince and Paddy were both in their teens when they died.


Michele, Ruby's Mom said...

Jen, I don't think you could have said this better. I feel for Jeannie and why she might want to stop...yesterday was such a tough day...I never would have thought I would be effected so...but I was. The thing that kept me coming back to the computer all day was knowing that there was a community of people, no a family, who felt exactly like me.

When I got Ruby it was probably one of the biggest decisions of my life ...that may sound strange, but to decide to care for something else and put ones self aside was a big deal for me. I struggled for years till I finally made up my mind. And not a day goes by where I wonder if I'm not doing something right or if something may happen to her. The only thing I do know for sure is that if something does, you all will be here for me...and that truly gives me comfort. Not as much comfort as that warm puppy breath on my neck in the morning, but pretty darn close.

Thanks for reminding me why it's so important to have found DWB.


Jackson said...

Hey pal, great post. DWB is the one place that we can share our passion for our canine friends and learn about other dogs lives around the world. Today I was in the DWB chat room talking to people from the USA, Romania, Singapore, Canada, Australia etc! When Jackson was really ill and I thought I would lose him it was extremely comforting to know that there was a community out there willing him on. I started blogging because I wanted to document Jackson's last few months. I never dreamed that I'd make so many friends along the way. Jackson's remarkable recovery means that I'll be blogging for a while longer!

Jackie (& Jackson) x

Peanut said...

This was a lovely post. I was feeling the same way as Jeannie yesterday and earlier today but have figured out that I can't give up this family that has been created here.

Maggie said...

What a fabulous post! I think about Maggie's passing too at times - she is 9 years old after all - and I just absolutely freeze with fear. She is my heart dog and the day she dies I'll die too! I blog because I love my dogs and want to talk about them and I know that you guys want to hear about them and I want to read all of your stories too! It's fun! and I laugh and I cry and that's the way it should be. Oscar's passing has been VERY difficult and I ACHE for him mum and dad! Time will heal and that's the answer right there - time! So we blog and time passes and we meet more friends and become more involved in their lives. DWB is home to me. I can't tell you what all of you mean to me. We love you all and that's we blog!

Sue, Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

what a wonderful post and I could not agree more! We made a nice poem for Marvin today to hopefully cheer up his Mom.

Poppy said...

Thanks for today's post and your very wise sentiments. We are new to DWB, and we are having fun so far. It sure is nice to know I'm not the only one who is TOWD (totally obsessed with dog).

Also, thanks for the questions meme!

Poppy's Mom

Lorenza said...

Hi, Jen.
You just found the right words to express the feelings of the DWB community. Our fears are the same because we love our dogs.
When I started Lorenza's blog I didn't imagine we could find so many wonderful friends.
We all are really affected but I know here we find the support to go on.
Have a good night
Veronica and Lorenza

Nugget said...

Well said. We blog for fun too, and try to keep it in perspective.

Nugget, Stewy, Ozzy & Mum too.

PreciOus said...

Well said.. I'm very glad to know many friends from around the world. You all have been great. In fact, DWB is a family and all of us sincerely love one another very much. So much so we grieve or jump with joy with everyone. I just wanna say I love you all.. *Hugs to Sherman, Lola, Penny and Mommy*


ROSSI said...

I started blogging last 4 months ago.. eventho am consider new in blogging world but i could feel the closeness between us in DWB community.. we learn to care, share, and love to each others.. i was stunned n to be frank, i dun know how to write in a blog for 3 days.. which only today am starting to write a tribute to Oscar on my blog..

What u said is right, we shall continue blogging so that we can go back and have our laughter n tears to remind us our loving pup.. I love my Rossi oh so much.. and i guess that's why i start blogging cause i wanted to leave a diary for myself of him.. if he ever leave me one day..

Rossi's mum (Kien)

The Brat Pack said...

Well, I want to write this eloquent comment about what your post but I think I'm too emotional. I guess I'll just say "well said" and hope you know what I mean.

When I lost Dakota in March we had only been in the DWB community a little over a month. I honestly think I was lead to it to help me through. The amound of support I received when he died so suddenly was just a lifesaver for me. I went through a very hard time with Thrawn for the next couple months and again I was carried along by everyone here.

I know deep down that my time with Thrawn is limited. His upswing these last couple of months have let me be in denial a little while longer but I can't forget his medical problems away. Losing so many dog friends this last month has made me feel anxious and panicky about him, worried about every little thing. I am just glad that whatever happens I have our friends in this community to help me along.

I can't believe how many friends we've made through DWB all over the world. I love it, but I have to admit that at times like this with Oscar I feel like I don't have five dogs but a hundred. (or more) We go through the fun times, the worry, the sorrow with everyone else for each dog we know. I can understand how Jeannie feels for sure. Losing Dakota makes me wish we had started dog blogging ages ago. I can't tell you how many times I go back to the short time before he died and reread his posts while missing him. I listen to that video over and over again with all the dogs singing because I can hear his voice.

I don't WANT Sherman to be twelve, I don't want any of our friends to leave us. I've grown to love everyones pups like my own.

I'm sorry for rambling, I guess this was more a post than a comment. :) I think I need to take a pill and go to sleep. I can't stop crying tonight and it's like I'm focusing on every little thing to make it worse.

Love you guys,

Sparky said...

Lizzy speaking. Now I'm really gonna cry. =( That was a good post. I cannot imagine what I'll do when Sparky's gone.


Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Marianne (Bernard's mom)

Cubby said...

Your posts reminds me of what I tell people when they ask why I do rescue. There is tragedy and tears, but also joy and laughter and triumph.

Reading blogs gives me ideas, inspiration, laughs, and tears. And it is strange how sad I have been, today when Oscar died,how I worry when a dog I never met is sick or hurt, and even when sweet little Fufu died. I love you guys.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

***applause all round****

very well put - you summed it all up !


Girl Girl Hamster said...

It's so sad to hear about sweet Oscar, but I hope Marvin can find the strength to continue his blog. I do enjoy reading most of our DWB member's blog.

~ girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

This is very well said Jen. It made me wanna keep on bloggin & bloggin forever until my time's up. Hopefully my mommy will continue bloggin about my sisters for me & herself...My blog in my home too. The first thing I do when I switch on the computer is blog. The rest comes last. I think mommy will be very devastated if I one day too, die for any reason. She said she will stop bloggin forever becoz she'll be very very heartbroken. But I'll keep on convincing her that if she stops bloggin, it'll never make things better. I'm still very sad over Oscar's passing...I hope Marvin's mom will not stop bloggin becoz of Oscar's passing. I hope this post cheered her up a bit.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Marvin The Dog said...

Jenny - well, thank you so much for this kind, caring and very understanding brought tears to my eyes this morning to think you had bothered to write all this out to help me through a dark time........

It was so kind and after reading it, and all the comments you received, that I was in a wonderful community of Dog Lovers, and I did not want to leave!!

I was fed up last night (why though should I be fed up......I was annoyed at myself 'cos Oscar's Mum Katy, had every right to be blue....) but I guess these sad things bring back other sad memories from the past flooding back etc

Also, I was certainly very stressed about the commenting and replying situation, I just felt if people were kind enough to comment on ours, I would return the compliment and comment on theirs - there are so many, and they are all sooooooo good. So I have really been reassured by all the comments I have had back, that I am not alone!

Your Blog is such fun to us, so I am sorry I got in such a "blue" mood, 'cos if I didn't blog, I could not get my fix of your wonderful trio!

Take care, I am sorry this is a bit long winded but I guess I have got my breath back now, I woke up this morning and thought, no, I have to go on, and your post certainly confirmed my first thoughts on waking!

Yes, We All Band Together - thank you, you have certainly proved this to me today.

Take care, much love and light to you and yours, and the wonderful, Penny, Sherman and Lola xxxxxxxxxx

Licks from Marvin xxxxxxxxx

Marvin The Dog said...

oooops! Sorry forgot to sign my last post, Jeannie xxxxxxxx

Your words were so eloquent, I have just re read them again.

love J xxxxx

Suki said...

Well said, Jenny. I have found it difficult to regularly visit everyone, and I haven't been, lately. And that's ok, because whenever we step back into the blogging world after a few day's break, we're always welcomed back as if we were never gone.

Your post was very touching. I don't think any of us is ever ready to part with our furry babies.


Clover said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for posting that, very well said! This is a really hard time for everyone, both because they are saddened by the loss of Oscar, and because it reminds them that it could have been anyone's dog. It's really comforting to know that we all have a place where we can go for support in the hard times and in the good times as well. I am glad to have found everyone here!
Jess, Clover's mom
P.S. Clover awarded Lola and Sherman the Rockin Dig Blogger award (Penny already got it, right?)

Momo :) said...

Simply thank you so much for posting this, Jenny! We're still heartbroken about our loss but so grateful to have met many doggies and their homans on DWB.

Momo xoxo

Frasypoo said...

We lost our previous dog to kidney problems and that was the worst time in our lives.We got Frasier a day after that because we could not bear to live a day without our old dog Jack.But Oscars death has been something on the same lines,its like a personal loss.It reminds us of what we have and what we may lose.Will drop by Marvins blog.

Dory and Liza said...

Jen - thanks for this post. I started my blog because I had lost a dog and had adopted a rescue dog. I had lived through such heart ache and needed a way to cope with the loss and move forward with a new dog to love.

Non-doggie folks were kind about the loss but just didn't seem to get it. I was adrift - missing Emily, adjusting to a new furry girl in my life - blogging just seemed like a good idea. I never really knew much about forums and communities - and honestly only ever have joined one.

I had no idea I would join DWB or met such great people on line - but I am glad that I have. The community has been a support through good times and rough patches. As much of a dog lover as I am, not many of my friends are and this has been a wonderful outlet and information source.

It kills me to thinnk that any dog will pass away, unlike reading a favorite dog story in a book - the dogs we read about weekly have real lives, real owners and ultimately may get sick or worse.

It's hard investing in owning your own pet when you know they may die, and just as hard to befriend these wonderful dogs and their owners - but without that investment and risk I firmly believe my life would be a little less interesting and certainly less joyful.

The one thing I loved about Oscar and his people is that they were often the first to leave comments for new bloggers - so I hope to be a better community member and do more of that sort of thing in his honor and memory.

I hope that no one discontinues blogging because of the loss of a fellow doggie blogger - it's that very commradeship that helps us all get through.


Sasha said...

Great post. Thanks for expressing all the DWB members feelings.

Tadpole said...

At times like this it's tempting to pull away and "protect" myself from future heartache, as it's inevitable that doggies eventually leave us. But for me, all that would do is take away from the joys in life - laughing at antics, enjoying puppy personalities, melting at little doggin eyes, and too many others to name. So while it's oftentimes very difficult, I've decided I can't live wihtout it. :-)

~Tad's girl

Ike said...

You are such a sweet dogmom.

wally said...

Sniff. I know people say that parents should never outlive their children. i think it is the same with pets.

Your post was really sweet, just like your dogs. I guess the most we can do is enjoy the time we have together and eat some delicious chickenbacks. :)


ps. Dear fellow old man Sherman: Don't diss the fruitables! I love the fruitables! And at least we're not as old as our apes, right? I think my ma is 278945 in dog years.

Stanley said...


You've said what's been rolling around in my head and my heart the last couple of days. The hurt of losing someone like Oscar is the price we pay for the love we had when he was alive. As for me, I don't want to cut myself off from that love (or the fun) to try to protect myself from experiencing the inevitable hurt. I've tried, and it's plain miserable.

Before I adopted Stanley I lost 2 Airedales in 1 year (both were 12 when they died) and I had a couple of friends who understood how much their deaths affected me. Most of the people in my life, however well-meaning, thought I was just that crazy dog chic who needed to put things into perspective. I would have given a great deal to have a family like DWB around to walk with me through that time.

I'm sitting here now with hot Stanley breath on my feet as he snoozes away. I almost didn't adopt him... now I can't imagine my life without knowing him. We're going to try to run, play, wrassle and love like there's no tomorrow. DWB helps to remind us how.

Thanks for understanding,
Lisa (Stanley's girl)

Seadra & Zoe said...

Well said Jenny. You said what we've been feeling the last few days. Despite the hurt of loosing Oscar I am feeling especially grateful for DWB's. I had no idea DWB's even existed a few months ago. During a google search I stumbled on a few by accident and decided I wanted to join in the fun. Doing this I had no idea the friends we would make and how attatched we would become to each other. It's a real blessing to me.

Thanks for putting into words what we are feeling.


Luckie Girl said...

I think you summarized our hoomans' feelings in this one post. Mom says life is short, we need to live each day like its our last and time will eventually heal all pain. We just need to look forward.

-- The Mullin Clan's Mommy -- said...

Hi Jen,
You don't lose a dog, you lose a beloved member of your family! We have lost 3 wonderful 4-legged members of our family over the years. Each one has made a special place in my heart that I will never forget. Losing our Shanna in December was so hard for me. We always had 2 Siberians at a time up until Shanna. The surviving one always helped me through my mourning period. But we didn't get a companion for Shanna when her senior buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Not only was she my companion, she was the youngest at 9-1/2 that we had to say our good-byes to. The house felt so quiet & alone without her. You take each day with them as precious time! My Cosmos & Juneau do not take her place in my heart, rather they carve their own special place. You remember the good times with them.

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